Our Appetizer.: A trip to never forget

April 29, 2014

A trip to never forget

Oh my goodness, where do I even begin!?
I guess I should start on last Friday...

Last Friday was a normal day while at work which was great because I could actually get my work done and not get pulled into a bunch of different meetings or asking to help on a bunch of different projects. Don't get me wrong, I love sitting in on meetings with our Executives but I also have a job descriptions to fulfill. I was counting down the hours  minutes of when I was ready to leave work. Why do you ask!? Well, great questions! After work, I met Lavi at Elisha's house to pack up the car and drive to Pittsburgh for the night. Of course in our normal girls fashion, we left Elisha's house about 45 minutes later than scheduled and we had to meet Shannon on the highway at a hotel to pick her up too. 

First snapchat of the trip
Oh yes, Lavi and I tried the headband idea.
 What do you think? Can we pull it off?!

I will be the first person to say that Pittsburgh is a very confusing city to drive through and I wasn't even in the drivers seat. So many crazy bridges and one way streets. We got yelled at by a cop because we were backing up into the valet zone and he told us that we were going the wrong was. Well duh, we are backing up into a valet zone.

We got drinks when we got to the concert. They only took CASH! Who only takes cash!!?
So this concert wasn't exactly my cup of tea. I'm still heartbroken about my breakup and still in the early healing stages. Hearing songs about love and breakups isn't exactly what I wanted to hear. But I still had a good time.

Shannon, Elisha and Lavi

Ron Pope's Concert.
Of course we needed to take more selfies
My outfit for the night. What do you think of this look for me?
Lavi's look for the night. She's always rockin black.

These girls are a blast!
One of my favorite pictures from the night

After the concert, we decided to go across the street to a nightclub called Diesel. Talk about a blast! We danced the night away and drank way too much for our own good. After Diesel we were hungry so we wanted pizza, but first we had to ditch our heels. So we went back to Lavi's car and changed our shoes where we ran into the funniest people. Shannon was sitting on a chair and asking people random questions...it was an adventure. 

This is when we got lost in the parking garage
The next morning was rough, really rough. No one wanted to get out of bed and get ready for the day but had to check out by 11am. We had planned to go to IKEA to look for cute apartment things for me and house things for Shannon and Elisha. Before IKEA we had to find Lavi's car. 

We couldn't remember which floor of the parking garage we parked on the night before. So we had to stop on every floor to see if her car was there. When we go to the first floor and the elevator door opened we saw no cars. The same happened on level 2 and 3. By the time we got the level 3 and 4 we started seeing cars but not Lavi's. We finally found a her car on the 6th (last) level we stopped on. 

Before IKEA we found the cutest place to have brunch. Not only was the name of this place cute, Waffles INCaffinated, but the food and coffee were out of this world. 

They just couldn't decide...no one could there were too many good things on the menu

Menus for days
I ordered a goat cheese and mushroom egg while omelette

This was one of the best quick girls trip I've ever taken. We laughed, we shared stories, we drank too much, we cried, we ate too much and we made amazing memories. 

Have you ever taken a quick girls trip?
Are there a few girls you are the closest to?
Have you ever been to Pittsburgh?
Did you like it ? Love it? Hate it?
Have you ever shopped at IKEA?

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  1. Your girls trip looks like so much fun! I love weekend getaways with the girls. Love the headbands and your hair looks awesome!

    1. Thanks, it was an absolute blast! The headbands were definitely out of our comfort zone but I'm glad we tried them.

  2. LOVE the headband! Your outfit is great, girl!

  3. I love girl nights out! Especially successful ones. I'd say the fact that you had trouble finding your car the next day may be a sign it was a successful one ;) That has happened to me and my friends a few times as well, haha.

    I love the headband look, definitely a good look for you! It's also good you got out and had a fun weekend with the girls. I'm sorry to hear about your break up, but remember - everything happens for a reason! Even if we never learn what that reason may be.

    much love,

    1. Thanks girl :) I would agree that there is nothing better than a successful night out with the girls. While breakups suck, we learn more about ourselves and what we need out of a partner.