Our Appetizer.: Life According to My iPhone

February 3, 2014

Life According to My iPhone

  • Last week was started with some wine, soup and dessert at Rocky River Wine Bar with Lavi. We can never go wrong at a little wine bar with some wine in hand. I am definitely lucky that my friends like wine are much as I do. The soup, carrot and pumpkin, was ok...not fantastic but not the worst I've had. And let me tell you, the dessert was ah-mazing!
  • I loved my nails last week! Viorica painted them for me last weekend before we went out and they looked amazing. Love the simple color with the glitter tips. 
  • I started feeling a little under the weather mid last week. There is nothing worse than being stressed out because of a new job and then feeling sick. On my way to work, I stopped at Giant Eagle and bought some cold medicines and vitamin C. I started feeling better the next day, note to self...start taking vitamin C and medicine as soon as you have symptoms. 
  • The drive to work has been very snowy lately. I love the snow because I think it's magical but I don't like drivers who don't know how to drive in the snow. Slamming on your breaks while doing 60 mph on snow is never a good idea. 
  • At work we have a Keurig, which I adore! There is nothing better than making some coffee as soon as I get to work. Now the creamers we have, I'm not so in love with...correction....they are terrible. Therefore, I decided to buy a small creamer to keep at work in the fridge. 
  • My Guy sure knows what I love! He sent me a picture of the sign above (Lord, give me coffee to change..). He knows I love my coffee and I adore my wine, I am currently looking to see where I can find that sign for our future apartment together. 
  • Oh My Gosh! When I saw a quote from my restaurant review on Press Wine Bar's website I almost died! I few months back I wrote a review on one of my favorite wine bars in Cleveland, Press Wine Bar (read review here). There is a link to my blog from their website which takes you directly to the post. I am still on cloud 9 about this quote! 
  • And I wish I had a picture about my frustrations at work last week. There is nothing more time consuming than people who waste my time! If you know what you want, then tell me don't make me e-mail you and contact you a million times to get an answer from you. Quit wasting my time if you have nothing better to do with yours. So far, I've learned how to keep comments to myself and to just smile when I really just want to slap someone silly. 
  • Oh and of course I didn't make it to the gym lately. Why do I always come up with some excuse as why I don't have the time?! Come on Alisia, get it together.
How is your life going? Can your iPhone tell your life story?


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    1. Thanks I loved them too but they were so difficult to take off.