Our Appetizer.: The Weekender - New Job Celebration!

January 17, 2014

The Weekender - New Job Celebration!

I know it's Wednesday( I started the post on Wednesday but never had time to finish it) Thursday (never had time to finish it again!) Friday and I'm just now posting about events from my weekend, better late than never. Life has really been flying by.  This week has been a lot of firsts: first day of my last undergrad class (even though I already walked/graduated...long story, I'll probably post about it later, after I've accepted the fact that life just sucks sometimes), first day on my new job, first time getting together with a girl from church and the first bad experience at Cheesecake Factory oh and I can't forget the fact that I am beating myself up for not going to the gym.

I'll just start on Wednesday because who needs to wait for the weekend to start celebrating. So as some of you know, I got a new job...my first full time big girl job. 

That is actually the exact face I made when my new manager offered me the position. No my hair didn't look fancy like that but hey that's ok, I still got the job!

Thursday I met with with a friend from church at one of our favorite places in the Cleveland area, Press Wine Bar. I've wrote a review on Press before (read here) and let me tell you, this place ALWAYS exceeds my expectations. This time it was happy hour so we were able to take advantage of some great deals. They have 6 different appetizers for 5$ each, including 3 different full size flatbreads, you can't beat that. And they have my favorite wine that I can't find anywhere else but this place.

For lunch I went to Houlihan's with a co-worker friend to celebrate my graduation and getting a new job! I never get burgers because I think they are like lard on a plate but this time I had to get a burger. Well a veggie burger, it was probably one of the best veggie burgers I've ever had in my life! Oh and of course we had to have dessert well because we had a free dessert coupon thing. That apple pie and vanilla ice cream were out of this world.

One of my favorite things to do is catch up with Krystal. Friday night I met with her at a local sushi place called Vieng's Asian Bistro it's a cute place in an outdoor mall. I've known Krystal for some time now and it's crazy how we even became friends. She was actually my first boss when I was an intern. As things progressed I started seeing her as more of a mentor and friends than just a boss. So Friday night we met up to catch up about my new position (which I will be working with her again...yay) and about the men in our lives, friends and the holidays. We had one of the best martin's ever...sex in the city...raspberry vodka, pineapple juice, mango puree and champagne...talk about the best drink for a girls night.

To celebrate my new job with my parents, we went to Cheesecake Factory on Saturday for lunch. While my dad hates the place because he says it's so loud, I love it and my mom likes it somewhat. Well this was probably the most disappointing time we've ever had there. Our server took forever to come to our table to take our order. The appetizer was good, don't know how to can mess up fried calamari. Well the food wasn't so good. I ordered a salad that I've always loved (the Luau Salad) this time it was nasty. It was completely tasteless and just gross. My mom's food looked amazing but she said it was very sour from the sauce that was on the chicken and my dad's order was just terrible. His dish came with mashed potatoes but he wanted rice instead...he got french fries ohhh and a piece of hair in his food...NASTY. So we sent the food back for them to fix the rice and hair problem. Eh it just wasn't a good experience.

Random Pictures from the Weekend
I am obsessed with the shirt! I just got it from Victoria's Secret, click here to buy it. I typically wear a XS/S and I ordered this in a XS. It has a boxier fit but it's super comfy. My mom likes a heavy pour of wine...check out her glass of white wine.
My three favorite snacks. Salt & Vinegar chips...I could eat them all day everyday.
The chocolate that I love and only buy at work. 
Fage yogurt and blueberries all day everyday!

Do you get behind on posts?
How was your LAST weekend?
Should I have even posted this?!


  1. I WANT THAT SHIRT! :) Your mom sounds like my kind of lady!

  2. You sound about as busy I have been lol :) congrats on the job

  3. Congrats!!!! Those food pics are making me hungry. Mmmm!