Our Appetizer.: The Last Night In 2013 & The First Night in 2014

January 2, 2014

The Last Night In 2013 & The First Night in 2014

A few days ago we all celebrated the new year. Each of us might have celebrated it in different ways...at home with family, at home with friends, at a restaurant, at a show, at a party or even at home alone. We all brought in the new year together, right at midnight. 

This new years eve, 12 of our closest friends got together at a friends house to celebrate the new year together. We had plenty of food, drinks and laughter to keep the night going till about 6AM the next day. There is nothing better than celebrating the new year along the people we love and the people we couldn't imagine not having the year to come. 

Below are a few pictures from new years eve. I didn't take many pictures because I was busy living in the moment. 

being goofy.
Asked a friend to take a picture of us and we ended up with 15 pictures of us laughing, kissing and making weird faces
A few random pictures from the night
We wish you a a happy, healthy and successful 2014!

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