Our Appetizer.: Missed the ending of 2013

January 2, 2014

Missed the ending of 2013

Let me jump on the bandwagon of posting the end of 2013...better late than never. 

Christmas & Christmas Eve were spent with family and family friends. Since we are Romanian and we celebrate our holidays with traditional Romanian foods, we started cooking and baking about two days in advance to make sure we had everything done. Mind you...we even make homemade whipped cream and homemade mayo...that's how traditional our holiday foods are.

On to the Christmas pictures...
 My favorite place to celebrate Christmas is in my living room.
Remember I said we are Romanian and that eat enjoy our food...well here is a very small glimpse. On the left are the appetizers which were all homemade (minus the veggies and cheese). And the right is a dessert. I don't have pictures of the soup and 2 other courses.
Our family picture on Christmas Day...yes we matched...no it wasn't on purpose. Santa came to visit our church for the children..he was awesome. And we had dinner at a family friends' house.
A few random pictures from Christmas. Yummy desserts & wine at church. A Romanian drink. Oana & I matched. And Christmas morning I had to send My Guy a picture of me with coffee in my PJs.
Christmas outfit. Skirt: Express Shirt: Express Shoes: Bakers (old) Coat: Victoria's Secret (old)

Then I had to go to work....
Left is East 4th street and the right is Public Square. It was so creepy since there was no one around. It is usually so busy with cars, buses and people on the sidewalks. Work was very quiet as well, perfect time to get things done.
The picture on the left is me with my extensions in. I tried them out again to see if my hair is long enough now. And the right is me goofing off with glasses at the mall.

Well I guess this marks the last post of 2013...even though it's already 2014. 
Totally missed the ending of 2013. 


  1. Looks like a beautiful Christmas! How do you like the extensions? I have been thinking about getting some.
    - Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

    1. Thanks! I love my extensions. I used to wear them all the time before I got my hair cut in an inverted bob. If you do get extensions make sure the color matches your hair color and that they are really hair. The synthetic ones are a lot cheaper but they look fake and you can't straighten or curl them.

  2. Beautiful Christmas photos! Love your outfit!!