Our Appetizer.: The Weekender #7 - Before Christmas

December 23, 2013

The Weekender #7 - Before Christmas

Yell at terrible drivers!
I cannot believe Christmas is almost here! Believe it or not, I love Christmas mostly because of the decorations and the love in the air. These past two years have been very different for me during Christmas since My Guy and I have been apart for Christmas since he moved to Tampa ( damn you Tampa for taking him away from me). Anyways, every year I promise myself that I will do Christmas shopping early so I don't have to be one of those crazy people running around from mall to mall trying to find what I need. Long be hold...that was me, again this year. I left most all of my Christmas shopping for yesterday. While I know I still had today to get Christmas shopping done because normal people take off of work today (not me). I'm working today till 5 and then helping around the house so there would be no time for Christmas shopping, unless I wanted to get everything from Kohl's since they are open 24 hours (CRAZY). Oh and side note...my mom was one of those crazy people that went shopping this morning at 3 AM before she went to work....she's a nut, I know. 
I wrapped a total of 8 presents last night! I feel accomplished (but I have 3 more tonight to wrap) 

Have you finished all of your wrapping?
Do you have a certain wrapping paper you like?
Who does most of the wrapping in your house?


  1. All of my Christmas shopping was done before Thanksgiving. I hate going to the store after that. All of my stuff was wrapped and under the tree last week. :)

    1. I am so jealous! Every year I am scrambling to get things done before Christmas. I think last year I was wrapping presents at 2 AM the night before Christmas morning. It was a nightmare at every store I went to yesterday. My mom even thought it was a good idea to beat the crowds by going to Kohl's at 3 AM.