Our Appetizer.: Restaurant Review #1

November 3, 2013

Restaurant Review #1

The Greenhouse Tavern - local ingredients 

So this is my first Restaurant Review and I am very excited for these posts because I really enjoy trying out new places everywhere I travel but most posts will be from Cleveland. And I like to give recommendations on certain locations to friends and co-workers so I figured starting these posts would be a good idea to share my finds.I hope you enjoy my posts and the questions that go along with the theme of the restaurants. 

This location is simple but unique with the dishes on the menu, the decor in the restaurant as well as the location of the restaurant. 
The Greenhouse Tavern is located on East 4th amongst a street of well known restaurants. Since it was chilly outside people weren't sitting outside but this a great location to spend hot summer evenings. 
The decor inside is very eye catching. There are bikes on the walls and from the ceiling. There are empty beer bottles and wine bottles on the walls as well. A lot of random decorations that all work together. 
The menu is out of this world (in my opinion). They use local ingredients so you know your food is fresh and free of preservatives. Some of my favorite dishes include:
  • appetizerPommes Frites w/ raw garlic, rosemary & aioli
  • main dishesKale Salad w/ buttermilk ramp ranch, spring vegetables & crispy shallots. Brown Rice & Black Bean Veggie Burger w/ heirloom ohio bean, soviet dressing, tomato & cheddar. Ohio Beef Burger w/ brioche bun, raclette cheese & cornichon relish
I visited the Greenhouse Tavern during lunch with co-workers friends but it looks like a great place for larger get togethers because they have a lot of large tables as well as a upstairs which can be rented out for even larger parties.

If you are ever around Cleveland and want some local simple but still unique eats, then visit The Greenhouse Tavern.

What are some healthy local eats where you live?
Do a lot of restaurants in your area use local ingredients?


  1. I want to have that entire menu in my mouth right now! haha!

    1. They have such good things on the menu! The first time I visited this place I was a little caution about what I ordered because I wasn't sure of the ingredients but I loved it! A lot of people shy away from this place because of the out of the ordinary ingredients but I think everything is worth a try. So if you are even in Cleveland give it a try.