Our Appetizer.: October in Pictures

November 5, 2013

October in Pictures

Janelle's first time doing Antigravity Yoga
First day working from home
Girls night at Battery Park Wine Bar YOLO
baby shower blues
Food & Drinks for DAYS!
Outfits I loved
Haunted Cleveland Tour with My Gut
I will say that October was a great month! Janelle loved Anti gravity Yoga. I absolutely enjoyed every fattening calorie I drank and ate. Reminiscing on old memories from high school was so much fun even though it was mostly because of the passing of a great guy (RIP Brandon Smith). And I loved most of my outfits! And of course My Guy came to visit ♥ 

What was the highlight of your October? 


  1. from your pictures, October was a very fun month!! :)
    I'm sorry for the passing of your friend. :/

    1. It was a lot of eating & drinking as well as making new friends with a side of stress from work and school.